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The financial insight Dawn and her high-profile guests of the Financial Myth Busting show offer listeners has consistently attracted the attention of media outlets. Dawn’s expert opinions and conversations with leading industry figures have provided fresh perspectives on issues that viewers are eager to learn more about, such as the real effects of falling gas prices and why the middle class continues to struggle. How has Financial Myth Busting with Dawn Bennett been covered in the media recently?

• Bennett’s discussion with Wayne Allen Root, author of The Murder of the Middle Class: How to Save Yourself and Your Family from the Criminal Conspiracy of the Century was covered in an article published by The Mercury News. The article offers readers a detailed recap of the interview that focused on disappearance of the middle class, President Obama’s leadership, the consequences of big government, and ways middle-class Americans can reclaim their economic standing.
Read the full The Mercury News article here.

• Bennett’s discussion with Anthony Kim, Policy Analyst for Economic Freedom with the Heritage Foundation, was covered by a variety of media outlets through ReleaseWire in the fall of 2014. Kim’s conversation with Bennett focused on Hong Kong, which operates as the world’s most successful economy. According to Kim, in spite of its few natural resources, Hong Kong’s economic success can be attributed to policies that promote competition, reduce tax burdens, and limit government regulation. Bennett and Kim also touched upon how the tension between Hong Kong and China could potentially play out and affect the territory’s prosperous economy.

View the ReleaseWire article in full here .

• Hedgeye Risk Management’s Director of Research Daryl Jones spoke with Dawn about Alibaba and his advice to those in the U.S. considering investing in the company. Jones makes the important note that U.S. investors aren’t purchasing shares of Alibaba directly; rather, they’re acquiring shares of its branch based in the Cayman Islands as a result of government policies put in place by China.

To learn more about Alibaba and advice for investing with the company, read an article from ReleaseWire that features Bennett and Jones’s discussion.

• Bennett’s bold stance on the U.S. GDP report in October of 2014 garnered attention in the media for her argument that the report is one of the “most manipulated” economic documents published by the government. As Bennett noted on her show, the GDP report doesn’t take into account the numerous negative changes to the U.S. economy, and is instead the product of political manipulation.

Find Dawn’s full take on the misleading nature of the U.S. GDP report in an article distributed from ReleaseWire.

• Bennett’s thought-provoking conversation with author Jason Riley on a recent Financial Myth Busting episode explored the subject of economic equality, specifically the ways in which blacks in the U.S. have not benefitted from many liberal government aid policies. According to Riley, there are a number of cultural issues that need to be addressed in the black community; he believes addressing these issues would ultimately improve the community’s economic standing more than government aid.

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